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Portreeves of Laugharne

Started life as a bus depot for single decker buses then became a Glass works and pottery, Laugharne Pottery. Latter a restaurant & shop after moving the pottery to the other bus depot next to the post office. A little known fact is the same family who run the bus company also run the local Hearse Company. When Dylan Thomas died & they brought his body back to Southampton by ship a Hearse was sent from Laugharne to bring Dylan home to be buried. His last night was spent in the Portreeve Tafarn where they played cards on his Coffin over night until they took him to his mothers house in the morning of his funeral Opposite the browns hotel where they had to take the sash windows out to get the coffin in the palour.




Laugharne Corperation was founded in 1290, by a charter granted to the Burgesses by Sir Gwydo de Brione. The Charter gave the Burgesses of the town the right to choose a Portreeve every six months, to act as a magistrate and to receive the tolls. The Burgesses – men over 21 years of age – are entitled to be made by reason of inhertitance, by being apprenticed to a Burgess or by inhabitance in Laugharne for three years.

The Grand Jury of the Court Leet and Court  Baron, conisting of twenty one Burgesses, headed by a Foremam and presided over by the Portreeve, conducts the business of the Corporation.The Jury meet every fortnight on a Monday, the Recorder writes the minutes, which are signed by all the Jurymen presenr at the end of each meeting. There are two larger Courts, one on the first Monday after Michelmas & the other after Easter. These are referred to as Big Court and May Court, though the latter is usually in April. Originally these Courts were held to elect a new Portreeve and select a Grand Jury for the next six months, in accordance with the charter. The Portreeve is still elected at both courts, though the May Court election is now a formality, and most serve for 2 years.

The Jurymen are choosen at Big Court, and the Common Attornys and Petty Constables appointed for the following year, rather than just for six months. At both these Courts the Burgess Roll ( now over 500 names ) is read and attendance noted. The outgoing Portreeve appoints the Foreman and Bailiff.The Forean appoints the Common Attorneys and the Petty Constables are choosen by lot.The Corporation coat of arms feature’s the Three Nails of the Cross, and was the de Brione Coat of Arms.